Seas the day and your washing up brush, then dry up in style. Made in the UK with 100% organic linen and printed with North Norfolk sailing boats using eco-friendly inks.


The classic design, reminiscent of boat blueprints, will never go out of fashion. Zoe is a commercially-endorsed sailing skipper and the only female skipper for the Coastal Exploration Company that operates from Wells-next-the-Sea, North Norfolk. Zoe has enjoyed sailing all of the boats featured, which were built for sailing the North Norfolk coast. Sailors will appreciate that the drawings are faithful to each boat's rig. 


Boats featured: Norfolk Gypsy, Stiffkey Cockle, 12m2 Sharpie, Whelk boat, crab boat, mussel flat, and Seahawk 17.


100% Organic linen. Eco-friendly inks.

Dimensions: 46cm x 72cm

The dark, navy blue is based on "Magpie" by Fenwick & Tilbrook.