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Collingwood Coastal

Wallpaper and fabrics inspired by the North Norfolk coast


Collingwood Coastal: Our story

Wallpaper and fabrics inspired by the North Norfolk coast

Chic coastal style

Unable to find any nautical wallpaper I liked for my holiday let business, I started to sketch my own. My first design features boats which I sail in the shallow, tidal waters of the North Norfolk coast. Simple, elegant lines are reminiscent of blueprints, but with some of the character that makes the boats a joy to sail. Sailors will appreciate that the designs are faithful to the boats' rigging. They're all adapted to navigate this challenging landscape.

The second design features nine beach huts from Wells-next-the-Sea. Using simple lines similar to architects' drawings, I depict huts that show the variety of shapes, sizes and states of repair that can be found on Wells beach. They include our own hut, available for hire, Prongs which has remained unchanged for a century, Bear Hut which is one of the largest on the beach and Pallet Lodge which is getting covered by sand. 


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